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Combo Cone Paradise

Welcome to Combo Cone Paradise, where our combos are even sweeter than our ice cream. Congratulations on your first day, rookie! You and up to 4 other newly hired Combo Artisans will be fronting this branch, serving up sweet combolicious ice cream to our customers. Of course, each of you will be evaluated, and the Artisan who brings in the most coin by the end of the day shall be promoted to Head Combo Artisan of this branch!


Now show me what you’ve got, Artisans!

Combo Cone Paradise is a 2 to 5 players game that pits players against each other to build up combos, and serve as many customers as possible.


Player takes one of three actions during their turn.

  • Drafting different flavors of ice creams into their hand
  • Draw a wild flavored ice cream and reserve a customer order
  • Place ice-cream on the available cones and serving them to customers

When placing ice-creams on the cone, you will be able to place more ice-creams than you are entitled to, by combining the right brand of ice cream together.

The player who earns the most points based on the types of ice-cream served to customers, wins!

Combo Cone Paradise

Cukai Termasuk
  • Publisher

    Mercat Games

  • Designer

    Steve Ng Wen Xi

  • Ages


  • Min. Players


  • Max. Players


  • Duration


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