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Durian Dash

Durian Dash is a strategy card-based game where players will need to visit different plantations to collect their favourite durians to become the King of the King of Fruits. But beware — you will need to watch out for the other players’ spikes! Select your plantation and use your Action Cards to gather durians and discard rotten ones! Will you go for durians that you prefer, or will you drop rotten durians into your opponent's stock? No matter what you choose, you'll have to be quick enough to become the King of Kings! A players wins the game by having the most Thumbs Up (points), and the game ends when the Durian deck runs out.

Durian Dash

S$20.90 Harga Biasa
S$18.81Harga Jualan
Cukai Termasuk
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    Daryl Chow

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